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Meet the Team

Our Directors


I have worked in the financial industry since 1987 and its fair to say I have witnessed the highs and lows of an ever changing market. I have learnt that you have to constantly adapt and by having clients best interests at heart/building relationships then this is key to mutual success. I have always had an open and honest approach to advising, without the stuffiness that people may associate with the industry. Yes, I do wear funky socks! I am married with 3 children so I understand the pressures of modern family life.

Finally, my likes - Games of Thrones, french films, a nice bottle of Argentinian Malbec and of course family holidays by the pool!”


I have worked in Mortgage & Finance for over 20 years and continue to have a genuine passion for the industry. I really think too many advisors forget the basis of sound advice is knowing your customer and handling each case with as much thought and importance as though it is your own - that’s the secret to having a happy client! I'm proud of the long-term relationships I have built over the years - It's a great feeling knowing you have given the best possible advice and have clients recommend their friends and family to you - that’s what drives me.

My likes .... it’s always great spending time with my son and partner as much as I can. My son and I enjoy Thai Boxing (he gets to beat up his old man!) and of course a nice pub lunch (mmm!) with the family is always lovely!

Our Advisors

Claire Baldwin

Mortgage Adviser & Office Manager

What our directors say ..
Claire is a great example of why our team performs so well and what sets us apart. She has such a wide range of experience in the industry she always knows the best way to approach a case. Claire worked as a Building Society branch manager and has experience In a wide range of mortgages which allows her to always find the right deal for her clients. Her ability to understand and empathsise with a client goals really sets her apart and, like all our team, we are proud of the glowing feedback we get from client on her service.

What Claire says …
I really enjoy spending my spare time with my family – I have 2 little boys who like to be active, so we spend lots of time going swimming, playing tennis or being outside walking and climbing trees. I also enjoy nights out with the girls, having drinks and dinner or watching a film.

Paige Latimer

Mortgage Adviser

What our directors say …
Paige know exactly what it takes to make sure that we keep all parties well informed, happy and on track for a client when dealing with their mortgage. With her earlier career as an extremely successful estate agent and property sales negotiator, Paige always offers an excellent client journey from start to finish. She is always at the front of changes in the industry, new products and new criteria and her passion to be the best shows in the advice she gives and the high prise we receive from her clients.

What Paige says …
My favourite things include, traveling, trying new restaurants and spending time with friends and family. As much as I enjoy keeping active and traveling whenever possible, nothing beats spending time at home with my Cavapoo, Red!

Diane Lawson

Senior Case Progressor

What our directors say …
Diane has a world of experience and having previously worked as an underwriter herself she knows exactly how to best deal with lender enquiries and make sure that our client’s applications are processed quickly and efficiently. Diane is a keystone to the company and makes sure that the stress of dealing with an application is taken off the shoulders of our clients, Diane is an absolute dynamo and relentless in making sure that all our cases reach offer stage as quickly as possible.

Diane’s Likes …
I like spending time with my 3 daughters baking cakes and we love to go swimming together, I also love to spend time with my friends with their children and my daughters it gets loud and very messy but always fun. Last but by no means least My husband, daughters and myself love to watch a film at the weekend have a pizza and order a cake-a-way!!


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